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Thursday, 23 March 2017

A few months ago over cup of tea, we were sharing in our pain of another exhausting night with our darling boys Luca and Diego, and we began talking about our mothering experiences (again) and how much our lives have changed in such a relatively short space of time. 

During the conversation it was apparent that we were craving an outlet where we could share what we had learnt during our first year as mums, the challenges of raising a family away from our families in Italy and Ireland, and the rollercoaster ride of returning to our careers after maternity leave. 

We also felt a deep desire to connect with women (like you!) who were just like us - ambitious, independent, sociable, and FUN! 

We also wanted to create a space away from our day to day jobs and mum life. We wanted to create a space where we could connect, share, and learn . . . and maybe have a moan and groan from time to time.

And Bella Mamma was born!

Our Manifesto 
We hope this blog will be a tonic for the tired, caffeine fuelled mums (with kids who don’t sleep), and those needing to feel that they belong to a tribe of women who share their beliefs that women can be nurturing feminine goddesses and kick ass in the boardroom!

  • We believe that women can have it all! (but we must define what having it all means to each of us personally, and no one else)

  • We believe motherhood is journey with no map, but by using our internal GPS and intuition, we can make the best choices for our children and ourselves

  • We believe that juggling motherhood and careers is hard, and there is no right solution to navigating both, but we believe with the right support every woman can have the life and career that she craves for herself and her family

  • We believe that by cheer leading and rooting for women in all areas of life we graciously give each other permission to be magnificent. And we believe all women are magnificent; no qualms about it

  • We believe in a tribe of women who do not judge, condemn or guilt-trip. We are all here to learn and to be become the best version of ourselves; as wives, mothers, partners, daughters, sisters, friends and career women
  • We believe that children who sleep more than 10 hours are at night are a myth!!!

We can't wait to dive into our blogging journey with you, and to share our experiences and ideas. We would love to hear from you in your comments.

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  1. Ah well done ladies, and the best of luck loving the design xx siobhan

  2. Hello! Popping over from Mamapreneur Revolution x


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