One year of Me, One year of You

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

One year of Me, one year of You

"Why are you crying?" I didn't have a clue

Milk, milk, milk is all you eat, I am always leaking it!

'Cuddles, now!' you want them all, and my food is getting cold

Pee and poo all day you do, I do nothing but changing you!

Now you're sitting on your own, crawling, moving fast alone

I am watching everywhere "Danger, Danger! Far from there!"

I can't let you out of sight - but please - can you let me sleep at night?

Every day you give me smiles and I feel Queen of the sky

You are growing up super-fast, now we' re having such a blast

One year of Me, one year of You

The love of my life you are, the most incredible journey by far!

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