New Mum - The Ultimate Cocktail of Emotions

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Becoming a mum changes so much in your life that you are likely to feel there is almost nothing left of you previous life or even your previous self! Especially during the first few months, and at least until your baby's first birthday, you face continuous challenges and incredibly new and overwhelming feelings that are probably impossible to understand if you don't go through them. This of course shakes up all your relationships and your own point of view towards some people in your life, for example:

  • your own mum becomes a hero and you seriously think that grandmas should be classified as super heros!! they had to take care of many children, to make bread and food with their hands every day with a lot less resources, they had to manually wash the clothes and clean without magical tools like vaccum cleners or products like dettol, and of course learn everything themselves withour asking Dr. Google… really how did they do all that?!?

  • your best friends (without children) who used to understand you completely and in a blink of an eye, now have absolutely no idea of what you are going through and you can see in their eyes that all your efforts to explain are unfortunately unsuccessful

  • stranger mums with babies at the park automatically become your new best friends and before you realise you are talking with them about your most private experiences like giving birth and going to the toilet with your baby - because you have noone to look after him/her but you really need to go!

  • your feelings towards your partner become the ones of a schizophrenic person: at points you just want to kill him and break up with him and never see him again, at points he is your best friend and you love him more than ever and those feelings can change back and forth in no time!

What I know now about motherhood is that it’s a real cocktail of new and intense emotions and events that shake up everything in your life and everything that you think you knew about life, and I am so glad I have the chance to experience it!

Tell us about your relationships pre and after baby!
How crazy is how much they can change?!

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