Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. Luca

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We're just back from our weekend in Dublin. We had a double celebration with the wedding of our friends Olwyn and Shane at Castle Durrow, and the celebration of Luca's second birthday! Needless to say, yesterday we were all a bit jaded and spent most of the day lazing around the house. It was desperately needed! 

But it's only today that I've had a few moments of quietness to contemplate the last few days. and the reality has hit me -


It's baffling how quickly the time has gone, and bittersweet that the major milestones of walking and talking are now behind us. 

My baby is now a little boy. 

The year between one and two is so different from the year of birth to the first birthday. As a first time mum, the first year is a blur. Sleep deprivation and learning how to be a mum take up most of the time. You're so focused on feeding schedules, the colour of poop, and the dreaded leaps that you almost forget to absorb the smallness of your baby and the changes they're undergoing. 

The biggest difference this year is that I've been more aware of Luca's changes and growth. Before my eyes I've watched him explore and learn (sometimes in a matter of days) And I've said 'WOW' and felt blown away more times than I can count. I can't wait to tell people about his achievements, and I've turned into a gushing mamma (and I love it!) 

The last couple of months have been particularly big. He's now really talking. We're having conversations, and his speech is becoming clearer every day. He's understanding of what we say to him in both English and Italian is phenomenal. He's a sponge and it's fascinating watching him grasp things. He sings along to songs and he can climb things that make my heart stop! He can do puzzles aimed at 3 year olds, and his memory is astounding (maybe he was an elephant in a previous life!) 

It's fair to say that he's a huge source of joy and we are so, so proud of him. 

In truth, I've probably enjoyed this past year even more. I miss the baby, but he'll always be my baby and I'll never tire of the cuddles and the feeling of being needed, even as he asserts him independence more and more everyday. I'm excited to see what the next 365 days bring. 

Happy Birthday darling boy. You are so very loved!

Mamma xx 

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