Our Family Week Ends #1 - Portugual

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hello and Welcome 
to the very first of  #OurFamilyWeekEnd post series! 

That's where we take you with us wherever we go on weekends! Every time you'll see what we have been up to and where we have been during weekends and maybe get some ideas for your time off!

Because having kids means that, OK it's never really time off ( have you ever felt like you have a 24/7 job? Yes, it's called Parenting!) and we can't sleep until late on Sat and Sunday mornings because we have a human alarm literally jumping on us at 7am -if not earlier- but

Who said that we can't keep travelling 
having fun and loving weekends?! 

lots of incredible places, precious adventures  & delicious food  involved - might be contagious!

Let' get going!  
#OurFamilyWeekEnd #1 #JFD 

Here we are in... Portugal!

Last weekend of April means only one thing to us: Bank Holiday!! We love hot countries, the warmth of the sun on our skin, eating fresh fish and .. cheap flights from Birmingham International Airport! That's why this time we chose Faro! And here's what happened!

We loved the play area Birmingham International Airport and I think Fede and I enjoyed it even more than Diego! 

We saw real storks for the first time! They are very big and famous birds so it was cool seeing them live for the first time, but what's really impressive it's their nests: they're just huge!! @Faro

The wind is always quite strong in  PraiaDaMareta so even if it's sunny you never really feel too hot!

The wind also makes beautiful patterns on the rocks like an artist that is modelling a sculpture! Some views are really stunning in FarolDaPontaPietade/Lagos and FortalezaDeSagres.

We randomly found a Restaurante O Antonio in PraiadePortodeMos where we could literally eat on the ocean! The fish was fresh and delicious, the portions quite big and the price was very reasonable! 

Diego absolutely loved playing with the sand and the shells in Quarteira, and was always fascinated by the sight of the see and the boats - of course it was lovely for us to watch him!

We had the chance to spent some good quality time with family in Praia dela Rocha, Portimao as Diego's grandparents came along from Italy!

That's all for this weekend.. looking forward to the next one!! We've already got something planned as we will have something very special to celebrate.. come back here to find out!

Comments and shares are most welcome !

Thank you for travelling with us! #JFD

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