Our Family Week Ends #4

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Hello and Welcome to another of #OurFamilyWeekEnds post! 

Lots of incredible places, precious adventures  & delicious food  involved - might be contagious!

Let' get going!  

#OurFamilyWeekEnds #4

This weekend things didn't really go as planned at all but - hey that's life! 
Here' what happened...


Julia & Fede planned a nice BBQ outside in the sun to inaugurate their sort of new garden, however of course it rained all day non stop! No worries, we had a plan B ! Fede removed the dust from our precious huge pan which a friend of us used to use when we were all without babies and partying together all the time, and Fede cooked lunch for everybody! A mixture of vegetables and meats with some farro directly from Italy!

Food was good and company was good and we enjoyed it indoor as Mr Sun decided not to show up! Ironically Sunday was an absolutely beautiful and sunny day!! We went out and Julia got new shoes for next week as they will go to some friend's wedding, and then we enjoyed a little snack & drink outside in the sun

Unfortunately, Jenn, Freddie & Luca could not make it because Luca was not well at all, here's what happened to them. . . 

Luca had a cough last weekend, something we put down to the changing weather lately. He went to nursery on Friday is good form, but by lunchtime things were drastically different. His breathing had gotten worse and he was struggling to play. Freddie picked him up early and tried to make an appointment with our family GP, but by the time they got home Freddie felt Luca's breathing just wasn't right and he was even struggling to talk. Freddie has suffered from asthma since he was a child and he feared Luca was having an asthmatic attack. By the time I got to the house he had a bag ready and was getting Luca into his car seat.

His quick thinking got Luca to the hospital and he was admitted with low oxygen levels and placed on a nebuliser and oxygen mask to try open up his airways. It was heart breaking to see him like that but I was so thankful that Freddie had acted so quickly, and the medical staff were amazing; they were so attentive and informative.  

Thankfully he was discharged early on Saturday and we spent the weekend recuperating at home. My dad was also visiting from Dublin, and it was great to have an extra pair of hands to help out! Luca loved having him around and he was a great distraction. It also helped that he had brought treats!

Needless to say we’re all still feeling a bit tired and jaded from the weekend, but we do have Peppa Pig World to look forward to this weekend and a bank holiday! Fingers crossed for a more relaxing time together!


We hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Tell us all about it in the comments below! 

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