Our Family Week Ends #5

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

May is one of our favourite months and you know why? 

Because the days get longer, the weather gets warmer (yes, even if it means 18 degrees instead of 8 - remember we live in the UK?!), the summer is closer, but most of all, because there are TWO Bank Holidays!!

The first Bank Holiday we went to Portugal -  you can read about that trip here! - and the second time we went to ... Barcelona!! 

We have been to Barcelona 3 times before and we love it every single time so when a great couple of friends invited us to their wedding there, well, we were just super happy to say YES!!

Here's what happened ...

We arrived in our super cool apartment not far from the Sagrada Familia and with a mini super market right next to us whose owner was so nice that Diego got free ice cream! 

OK, I must admit: I'm a no-sugar kind of mum so he never eats ice cream (can't even think about the idea of him being sugar loaded which means more active than he already is!) but hey, holiday is holiday!!

As we did our turistic tours in our previous visits to the city, we decided to spend the day in Barceloneta relaxing in the sun, such a wise choice!

There are so many places to eat in Barceloneta that it's really tricky to choose one, but we liked Suquet De L'Almirall as it looked less turistic and more authentic, and we were quite happy with the result! 

The staff were great and the food was really delicious! A bit pricey yes, but all of the restaurants there are, so no surprises! Diego loved the squid ink rice, after this we can really say he eats E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !!

My parents arrived in the afternoon and we walked around, and had dinner in a very particular place called La Paradeta where you choose the fish from the stall and tell them how you want it cooked and they cook it for you straight there! 

There are no waiters, they just call your table number and you get the food from the kitchen and there you are ready to enjoy some super fresh food just cooked for you the way you like! We liked the whole experience and we loved the food, however I the staff calling table numbers very loudly every ten seconds was a bit annoying!

Next day was the Wedding day! 

I love weddings in general as I am a very emphatic person and I feel and share the intense emotions of love, joy of all the family and friends celebrating such a unique day! Yep, I needed a tissue when the bride arrived and met the groom, and also when they exchanged the rings!

It was amazing being with some of our best friends who live in Birmingham, in such a romantic venue and celebrating such a lovely and special moment of an incredibly beautiful couple!

I must say that thanks to my parents taking care of Diego, Fede and I could really relax and, of course, drink a decent amount of wine!!!!!! 

Grandparents are the BEST!

On the last day in Barcelona I decided to buy myself a gift and wow, it felt fantastic! 

You mums know how almost impossible is to find time & motivation & get rid of the guilt when you think you should save money or spend it on your children etc. so much that I honestly do not remember the last time I went shopping - so the Desigual store was just there, a few steps away & Diego was napping so I told myself: WHY NOT?!!! 

This is the result:

We arrived back on Monday and today is time to go back to reality again, guess how the weather was in Birmingham when we landed? Rainy, of course! 

But who cares, we have the sun in our hearts and will treasure those fantastic memories forever!

Here just a few considerations for you if you are thinking to visit Barcelona with your little one(s):
  • It is super pram friendly: there are lifts everywhere!
  • If you want to visit Park Güell it is important to book in advance to avoid disappointment as it gets sold out quite quickly!
  • If you want to know more about the apartment we stayed in and the restaurants we went to just drop a comment or write an email, I am super happy to help!
  • Barcelona is the heart of Catalunya which means you would never get to try a better crema catalana anythere else! Make sure you have some, it's just awesome! 

*Note: Diego's finger went in before I could take a proper pic, and for the avoidance of doubt yes, he loved the crema catalana and he ran for half an hour non stop after having it!!!


What were you up to this bank holiday week end? Have you been or are you thinking about visiting Barcelona? 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Jenn's review and visit of Peppa World, it's not to be missed!! 

Can't wait to hear from you! 

Lots of Love,

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