Our Family WeekEnds #2 - Luca's 2nd Birthday Party

Monday, 8 May 2017

Hello and Welcome to another #OurFamilyWeekEnds post! 

Lots of incredible places, precious adventures  & delicious food  involved - might be contagious!

Let' get going!  


This weekend we were in Leamington Spa celebrating Luca's 2nd Birthday!

Despite the fact that we had a relatively decent week with sunshine, in true Murphy's Law style, the day we planned for a BBQ we were gifted with cloudy and cold typical British weather! But that didn't dampen everyone's spirits and with the help of amazing friends, we managed to organise and succeed in having a fantastic BBQ party for Luca to celebrate his second birthday! 

He absolutely loved having his friends around, eating the cake (which he has not stopped talking about!) and of course unpacking and playing with the new toys he got as presents! Delicious homemade food, lovely company, happy kids.. what's not to love!?


Julia, Fede and Diego arrived super early thinking that they were super late! Let's blame the fact that Diego has discovered how cool it is to sleep in the big bed with his parents and his parents are not sleeping well anymore! Anyway, it turned into a hug blessing as Julia helped prep the BBQ skewers and Fede helped Freddie to get the fire going.  

No BBQ is complete with a signature cocktail! With a new drinks dispenser from Sainsbury's, I managed to mix up a Prosecco and Pink Lemonade with frozen raspberries. It just happened to be our Bella Mamma colour! Cool or what?!

I think we'll call it the Bella Mamma Cocktail. Bella Mamma's make this your summer go to drink! 

The men did a great job in getting the BBQ food cooked (despite a few burnt sausages) and the homemade menu went down a treat with big and little guests.

We tucked into burgers, cajun chicken, marinated pork belly, cumberland sausages, potato salad with pancetta, halloumi & aubergine skewers, pesto prawns, butternut squash and feta pasta, the list goes on. . . but in a but shell it was GOOD! 

Lots of play in the garden kept the little ones happy, and it was so adorable to see their friendships develop (mega heart swelling moments like below make the prep and stress so worth while!) 

Luca (2yrs) & Diego (1yr) 

Divilment & Cake
As the day drew on, the cold temperatures creeped in, it brought the BBQ to an end. We had lots of tired toddlers (and parents) but it was an amazing day spent with the people we love. We can't thank everyone enough for making Luca's birthday so special and memorable. I have one very happy and loved little boy. Mega gratitude! 


Next weekend the Dads are being given a pass to go surfing in Devon. We're joining Mum Forces and taking the boys for a day out at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. Be sure to check back in with us next week to see how we survived!

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Big love,


  1. love families...love the grill, what a great mix. So happy to see you're doing well. I enjoyed reading your post cant wait to read the next, success always.

  2. Thanks for reading Susan! Here's hoping we have more sunshine to get the grill out again hey?!


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