Our Family WeekEnds #3

Monday, 15 May 2017

Hello and Welcome to another of #OurFamilyWeekEnds post! 

Lots of incredible places, precious adventures  & delicious food  involved - might be contagious!

Let' get going!  


This weekend the Dads went to Devon surfing (more likely resembled wave face planking!) while we joined forces for a great day out in Birmingham with our mini sidekicks!

Here's what we got up to..


Jenn and Luca came over to Birmingham on Saturday morning. Diego and Luca were super happy to be in each other's company and started playing with each other's toys straight away! Of course after lunch they were due a nap, but of course they did not synchronised the times and one woke up when the other one had just fallen asleep!

Anyhow we manged to do most of what we had planned to do - including taking our new social media profile pictures (follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest if you haven't already!)

After a delicious home-cooked lunch, we made our way to Birmingham's Sea Life Centre! It was the boy's first time and you can see by their faces they were more than happy to be going to see the fishes!

We'd like to give a big shout out to Kelloggs for the super Grown-Ups Go Free offer for Merlin attractions, they are running on special packs of cereal at the moment. Being super savvy mums, we paid only £20 total, and children under 3 go free! Definitely worth it!

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a generous slice of carrot cake and extra hot lattes at Carluccios. They boys tucked into spinach and ricotto ravioli (and knocked an entire glass of milk everywhere! Gah!) 

We headed home tired but happy an the boys were ready for their beds to dream of more fishes and turtles (We were more than ready for the Dads to arrive home to give us a much needed break!) 


Tell us, how was your weekend?! What did you and your little ones get up to?

Big love,

Jenn & Julia

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