The Happiness Diaries #3

Thursday, 25 May 2017

We can’t believe it’s Thursday again and time for another edition of the Happiness Diaries!

This week is a particularly hard week and the heaviness of what happened in Manchester weighs heavy on our hearts and minds. 

In the face of such atrocities it can seem virtually impossible to find anything to smile or feel good about. It’s much harder to search for the light in a darkened room but we believe the only way to combat such darkness to keep shining light and love as much as we possibly can.

For this reason, we would like to shine some light on a dark week even more, and we truly encourage you to do the same. 

In doing so, we reflect and show respect to the vibrant and happy lives which were taken for this earth too soon. 

Here's what is making us happy this week . . .



A sunny day 
We had a proper summers day with sun and 26 degrees on my day off in the UK! Incredible right?!  

I spent most of the day in the park with Diego who loved running around and climbing on the slides and going fast on the swing! 

Any mum would understand what it means when they are finally physically independent nd not relying on you holding them all-the-time!!! 

We Skyped with my brother and Diego calling him "Cioooo" (Zio is Uncle in Italian!) FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Love not Hate 
Knowing that despite all the hate and craziness and violence, this world if full and abundant of love, giving, support, help and true kindness.  #loveformanchester

Love in Barcelona

The sweet feeling of expectations and pleasure about getting ready for our trip to Barcelona and our friend's wedding! More on this next week! 



A day with Luca 
Monday was a little unusual for us as I decided to keep Luca home from nursery and I took a parental leave day. After the weekend which saw him admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties (more about that here) I felt we would both benefit from some quality time.

The sun shone in our favour and we enjoyed epic babycinos in town, followed by some play time in the garden with his water toys. It was such a lovely day, I’m so glad I followed my instinct and enjoyed our mother and son day. 

Quality Time
Lately I’m really trying to put some focus on my own quality time. You know how it goes – when you do get a bit of time to yourself you usually run around trying to do a million chores and to clear some of the ‘to dos’ off the list. But on Monday while Luca napped I sat in the garden with a cup of tea and read my book. It was so nice, I really need to make more time for this.

Girls Night 
I finally managed to squeeze in a long overdue girl’s night with my good friend Louise. Louise owns English Gentleman (which is a premier online men’s accessories brand) and she’s just about to leave corporate life behind (HIGH 5 GIRL!) 

Needless to say we had MUCH to catch up on! I had to tear myself away at 11pm, but it was one of those catch ups that leaves you feeling happy, optimistic and motivated. Just what the soul needed! Thanks Lou! X 


There you have it ladies, a lovely round up of things making us happy this week. 

Let us know what's been making you happy in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you! If you haven't already, start thinking about what makes you happy now! Grab a copy of our Happiness Diaries download

Have a wonderful week.

Jenn & Julia x 

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