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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Let's face it, it's so easy complaining and moaning about the many things that go wrong and we would like different in our life right?! 

We bet you could easily start listing things you would like in your life that you don't have or what makes you feel sad or worried and you could probably go on for an hour, not because your life is crap but just because we all tend to focus on the negatives a lot more than the positives.

We're are big believers in the Law of Attraction, and that like attracts like. If we focus on the negative or lack of, then we attract more of that. But if we focus on the positives and the things we do have, we send out vibrations to attract more of the good stuff back into our lives. 

And girl, we are ALL about the good stuff! 

We're not saying that we don't have off-days (boy do we!) The difference is we've learnt to shift our focus.

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is not that the optimist is eternally happy. They just tend to get back up and dust it off quicker than someone who dwells in negative emotion. 
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We've decided that as mums and career women we don't want to throw a pity party, we don't want to feel sorry for ourselves, nope! Our time and energy is worth much more!

So here's our challenge for you....

Join us every week to share the things that have made you happy, that have lifted your spirits, that have put a cheesy smile on your face, and that have given you warm fuzzy feelings (we're addicted to the fuzzy feelings!) 

You can even join in our social media (Twitter & Instagram) and start writing your #TheHappinessDiaries


#TheHappinessDiaries #1  

Julia - 

Ciao Bellas! Here's what made me happy last week. . .
  • Having a short working week as Monday was Bank Holiday
  • Chatting for hours and feeling good with a new mum friend_ Hello Sonia!
  • Having a girls dinner out in a nice restaurant with my very good girlfriends
  • Having my lunch break with a darling friend I haven't seen in long time
  • Enjoying a fantastic BBQ party with fantastic people that made up for the horrible weather
  • Spending a whole afternoon in the sun with my loves and one funny old friend
  • Diego being more confident waking around by himself for the first time - even if he still looks like drunk when he walks!!

Jennifer - 

Ciao Bellas! Here's what's been making me happy this week . . .

Our friends 

We couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to surround ourselves with. Huge gratitude for our UK family who hold us up and enrich our lives so deeply. 

My baby 

Turning 2 has brought so much joy to our lives and all that he's learning is just making life super sweet at the moment!

Our Home

We bought our house last year, and at first I was adamant on pushing for renovation and decorating, but the house has slowed me and thought me patience. I love how every week there are changes, no matter how small. The house is really becoming our home and I'm so proud of the work we're doing as a family.

Bella Mamma's Manifesto

Our manifesto! I've wanted to created a manifesto since we set up the blog and finally the words found the page. I love this beauty and how it encapsulates the intention of Bella Mamma, which is to lift up and support amazing women just like you. Make sure you get your copy here

Christmas Planning

Christmas plans. Yes, you've read that correctly! We've booked our flights to Italy and I'm already so excited!! Even more so because my family in Ireland will be joining us for a Big Italian-Irish Christmas. Bring on the food! 

Image via Pexels

Join us in the comments and share your happiness lists and let's raise those good vibrations! Just breath and think.. we can see you're already smiling! 

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