When Your Baby Finally Sleeps but You Can't Sleep

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

It's all that you've dreamed of and craved for in the past months: your baby sleeping more than just few hours at night without waking up crying and wanting milk or cuddles or who knows what they want or need, probably not even themselves sometimes! 

That moment has finally arrived! Baby is really sleeping long hours! 

However somehow you are not. Wide awake, changing side, trying different positions, maybe wearing an eye mask, counting, tying some good old breathing and relaxation techniques, repeating to yourself "Just Sleep Please!" but nothing, still awake!! 

Here's 5 possible reasons why : 

  • You think it's too good to be true and s/he will probably wake up as soon as you close your eyes so why even bother trying

  • You can't believe you finally have hours for yourself and the adrenaline is so much that even if you are in bed you really are too euphoric to sleep, you could just start jumping & dancing around

  • Your lovely baby is sleeping like an angel, yes but in your bed occupying all your space!

  • You keep thinking about the million things you could do like cleaning, ironing, organising something, watching a full movie without interruptions, doing your nails and the list goes on.. that you never really have time to do and potentially have time to do now - just the thought of it makes you active even if you are just exhausted

  • Your darling partner is snoring so loudly that despite being dead tired you would just need to be deaf to be able to fall asleep

In any case: don't despair, don't stress out, it will make it just worse! 
We have a trick that will probably work - why not trying? 

What you need to do is one thing: visualise! 

Picture yourself comfortable, relaxed, somewhere silent or with the background sound you prefer. You need to really see yourself sleeping, focus on visualising whatever you want to happen and if you really gather all parts of yourself together and direct them to a nice relaxing energising sleep.. you will be asleep before you realise! And probably dreaming sweet dreams! It works for us, we do hope this works for you too! 

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