Our Weekend Post - Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WOW! What a scorcher of a weekend and it's set to be a week of sunshine for the next week at least! It was a special weekend around these parts, as we celebrated Father's Day.

A little back story to the men of Bella Mamma, because without them we would never have met and they've been so supportive in our blog (and agreeing to be photographed relentlessly!) 

Freddie & Federico are from Tuscany, Italy and met during their childhood years at school. After school Freddie went to University in Ireland and Federico pursued his studies at Birmingham University. After a few years Freddie moved to the UK to continue his career in Engineering and Federico was doing his Ph.D in Birmingham. Somehow they managed to find themselves living within one hour from each other again! 

Forward on a few years later myself and Julia arrived on the scene and that's how we got to know each other! Since having our boys we definitely see each other a lot more and it's really nice to see Luca and Diego develop a friendship just like their Dads. 

Unfortunately, we didn't spend the weekend together but we were definitely on the same wavelength with our plans! It was sunshine and BBQ's galore! 

Here's what we got up to . . .



We're still in DIY/Renovation mode so this weekend was a mix of enjoying the sun and trying to do some work in the blistering heat! 

It wasn't an easy feat but we (I mean Freddie) managed to get quite a bit done! 

We invested in a paddling pool and a new sand for Luca's water & sand table and it pretty much sorted us out for the weekend! Luca spent most of the time just happily running around in his nappy and wasn't too pleased having to wear clothes when we did venture out! 

On the eve of Father's Day we set up the garden for a romantic date night and we were pretty please with how the garden is starting to look! 

Again on Sunday, it was family hang out day with ice-creams and more 'fires' as Luca likes to call them! Freddie definitely enjoyed Father's Day and all his surprises (which Luca told him about! haha) 

But in sense of seriousness, I do want to thank Freddie for being a terrific dad to Luca! He adores spending time with you either pretend driving in your car or cheeky coffee dates for babycinos. He knows your the FUN parent and absolutely loves you for it. 

Thank you for everything you do. I couldn't have picked a better dad for Luca. We love you!



Thanks to the amazing real summery weather with 28 degrees and no clouds, we spent the whole weekend outdoor and it was just awesome! 

We spent time with some very good friends that we haven't seen since they moved back to Italy last year, they came to visit and Diego loved being around and playing with Eli who is his very first friend! It was amazing to look at them interacting and kind of talking with each others! 

Wearing shorts and t shirts, playing with the water outside, feeling the sun burning on our skins - yep, I had to use super high sun protection for Diego otherwise he would have become red like a pepper, no doubt! -  eating in the garden, having all the clothes dried in just few hours in the sun, seeing our friends.. this list makes up the perfect recipe with all the ingredients for a happy and relaxed weekend and yes, we really had a great time!

And to end the week end in style and prove once again that he he is a fantastic Husband and Father, Fede made his delicious homemade pizza that we enjoyed in the garden!  

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