The Happiness Diaries #4

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Welcome back to our Happiness Diaries!

We want to thank you for reading this post and we truly hope that you will do this little exercise too! Trust us: our lives are nowhere near perfect!! We do have worries and struggles, we do have bad days and sad feelings, we are human beings and Mothers so we are not meant to be at our 100% best 24/7 all !! However we don't want to forget that no matter how many thick clouds are in the sky the sun is always there, it doesn't stop burning! And if it rains we want to see the rainbow that sure is going to come!! That's why we keep noticing and writing what makes us happy instead of moaning about what could go wrong or could go better, and this shift in our focus really makes a difference in our days!! We are sure you can do the same!!

Here's what has made Julia happy lately

Taking the dust off our tandem and participate to Le's Ride Birmingham, an awesome event for all cyclists! Two of the main road of the city were closed and there were lots of participants of all ages!! So much fun!! We even got new bibs personalised with our names on!!

Spending an afternoon in the sun and enjoying the activities organised for kids at the University of Birmingham

My basil plant thriving and so alive and smelling good ! I am normally terrible with plants but I am managing to take good care of this one this time!!

Having a girls night out with a delicious French dinner sitting outside in the sun and then watching a musical that I absolutely loved!!! And yes, having Fede that is such a caring husband and father and gives me space for myself and always supports me.

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