Happiness Diaries July 17

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hi lovely friends! How's life? Well, as far as we know, it can get so crazy busy sometimes that you do not even realise what day it is, what month it is and...  how long it's been since a good Happiness Diaries post!  Here's a fresh one on what's happened in this last summery month of July 2017!


  • When you get two of your fantastic friends to meet each others for the first time.. and just few years later... they get married!! Useless to say how emotional and amazing their wedding day was for us! The celebration was so romantic and the venues like fairy tales! 

  • Our Bella Mamma Tees being super successful ! Read the beautiful review here  written by the lovely Mimi Rose And Me ! And of course check out all the awesome Bella Mamma Tees here !

  • Our holiday in Spain with some amazing friends that we haven't seen in almost one year! And of course eating delicious home made food together!

  • Realising how lucky we are with Diego as he loves food, any kind of food! He eats everything and - icing on the cake -  he feeds himself with no help (most of the times) !! Hashtag sixteenmonthsold !!


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