Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I've been listening to myself lately and discovered something that kind of set me free and gave me so much peace of mind that I want to share with you today. I've decided to be open about myself and show you that there is a cure for mother's guilt and it is easier than you think. Keep reading and you'll find out. 

Here's my confessions:

I AM GUILTY of constantly questioning my parenting choices
I do NOT feel guilty about wanting the BEST for my child 

I AM GUILTY of spending time and money on myself once a month
I do NOT feel guilty about taking care of myself, making sure I am well so that my relationship with my child can be healthy and positive

I AM GUILTY of spending time with my friends
I do NOT feel guilty about leaving my child with his father for 2 hours a couple of times per month so that I can have a drink and a relaxed chat with my friend, feel good and be a better mother

I AM GUILTY of enjoying my work and wanting a career
I do NOT feel guilty about my son going to one of the best nurseries since he was 7 months old, where he can learn so much and make friends, where he is taken care of and I am constantly informed about him 

I AM GUILTY of clearly remembering and telling people about the hard times of having a child, especially in a country where you have no realtives at all so no help handy anytime, the pain, the lack of sleep that makes your brain swich off, the breastfeeding that takes all your energies and you feel like a dried up river, the moments where you feel like "wtf happened to my life?!?"
I do NOT feel guilty about letting it all out appreciating every single moment without sugar coating it , hard and easy, bad and good, crazy and less crazy, and loving every second of being a mother and loving every cell of my amazing little boy.

There is a HUGE difference between BEING guilty and FEELING guilty. 

Overcoming the 'feeling guilty' that every mother experiences is as easy as asking yourself: 

"What AM I really guilty of?" 

You'll find out you probably are not guilty but just feel guilty about a lot of things that are actually good for yourself and your child. You are a good parent, you are doing the hardest job in the world 24/7 and you deserve to feel good! 

Take care of yourself 


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