Being a Mother and Investing in Yourself

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Being a Mother doesn't mean
-I don't have time for myself anymore
-I don't get to be the person I really want to be anymore
-I don't get to live life as I desire
-I feel guilty when I spend time and money on myself
-I can't do this or that for me anymore
Yes, sure the first months will shake you, will make you cry, will make you feel like there is nothing left about your old self..
BUT after the first few months..
When you are Mother it is actually the BEST time to invest in yourself, your self development, your life because only by doing that you can become
-a happier woman -> a happier Mother = happier kids
-a confident woman -> a confident Mother = happier kids
-a better partner -> better relationship at home= happier kids
whatever GOOD you do for yourself will be good for your kids, it's like when you turn a light on everything around becomes BRIGHT!... The light is YOU.. why are you waiting to TURN it ON?
Being a Mother and Investing in Yourself is not only right, but it's the best thing you can do for yourself and your family !

You CAN live your dream life NOW
You CAN be the best version of you NOW
You CAN be in love with your life right NOW
If you only LET yourself DO IT !
Why are you waiting for next year? Why are you waiting for tomorrow? Listen to your breath, you are breathing RIGHT NOW, you are LIVING right now which means that you CAN and DESERVE to live your BEST LIFE RIGHT NOW!
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